Xavier Research Foundation


 The Loyola Centre for Research & Development (LCRD), Ahmedabad is a centre involved in research education and extension work. It is run by the Xavier Research Foundation (XRF), a non-governmental organization (NGO). LCRD was established in 1991 and has since been active in research, professional computer education and projects in rural areas.

India today is faced with a number of economic problems to which science can produce effective answers. A new technological revolution with a major thrust towards technology for the rural area is needed. This in turn, requires research in this direction in which the traditional sciences of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany will have to interact with the modern sciences of biochemistry, microbiology and computers. LCRD offers facilities and an environment for their interaction through its two wings; the computer wing referred to as the Xavier Institute of Computer Sciences (XICS), and the research wing Grace Braganza Research Wing (GBRW) which comprises several specifically named laboratories.

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